"Jeff Keller has curated an inspiring and authentic array of colors based on indigenous soils, wild flowers and natural artifacts."

Carl Minchew, VP Color Innovation & Design. Benjamin Moore & Co.


The KELLER COLLECTION started in 2015 as “A collection of natural color inspired by the Rocky Mountain West - & beyond.” Over the years, it has continuously evolved & has now earned the moniker “Colors of the Earth.” The objective was to identify the spectrum of color found in nature using 5 categories: Wildflowers, Fall Foliage, Soils, Rocks & Natural Grasses.

Curated by Jeff Keller over a period of years, it has morphed from a personal hobby into a multi-faceted, large-scale project that ultimately has been deemed to be highly-representative of the colors & beauty that can be found on the Earth’s crust around the world

As the KELLER COLLECTION began to take shape, so did the team behind it. Naturalist & Horticulturist Jim Foster added his expertise in identification of collected items & foraging, Roper Green joined in as the photographer & graphic designer of the print art series. Jim Schumacher added his touches with reclaimed picture frames & helped produce the unprecedented paint color palette that draws from our 5 categories. Over the years, the project has also been touched by countless other passionate color professionals. The in-depth nature has everyone from the art, design, paint manufacturing, environmental, academic and outdoor-enthusiasts equally intrigued with this “color story.” While every item is first and foremost COLOR, the collection also captures the beauty and diversity of nature in a unique & visually engaging way.  From mountain tops, to the river valleys, to the great plains & the uniqueness of the desertscapes, the colors are presented & showcased with attention to detail. The Wildflowers & Foliage were pressed, dried & then photographed to preserve the color. Many of those images evolved into our extensive Giclee photography print art series. Their dimensionality & hi-resolution have admirers thinking that they are looking at real plants under glass.  Simple yet beautiful, many are offered on either a white or a black background. The Soils category grew to such a point that they needed to be photographed just to be believed! A one-of-a-kind paint color palette was also curated in 2018. Jeff’s hope is for people everywhere to be able to pair the KC print art with the natural KC paint colors to create their own personalized & undeniably authentic look.

This unprecedented body of work has drawn the attention of top professionals in the color & design industry and has received regional, national and international editorial for its innovative and conceptual originality.  Since its’ inception in 2015, the KELLER COLLECTION has evolved as organically as the subject matter itself. We hope you see something that makes you smile!